Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Accident, The Jobs and...

A few weeks ago, I'd say about 2 and a half weeks ago, I endured yet another car crash! This has to be the 2nd auto accident in 10 months! Of course I take full responsibility (NOT!) as all good young ones should do. I have already committed myself to taking some driver's education classes to get out of my ticket, but the other driver (who actually hit me in my side and totaled my car) was talking on her cell phone and driving at a higher speed than I was. But alas, we were drenched in snow and ice. You couldn't see a foot ahead of you. That's what I get for not really focusing on what is right and just going for the gold.

I am truly blessed to have acquired another vehicle in such a short amount of time as I can not finish school (it will be finished in mid-May or so) and to my two lovely new jobs one at Sonic (hooray for cherry limeades and coneys!) and the other at American Eagle Outfitters at the mall! It's so cool I get to dress up for at least 2/3 of my week! Girls gotta pay her bills somehow and these places are perfect because I can just transfer to Cali since both companies have stores there! I have found some awesome places for cheap right in the middle of Hollywood and Santa Monica, but I'm still not sure where I specifically want to go yet.

I was driving home this afternoon and thought "This road isn't as long as it used to be." What I meant was that I had gotten familiar with the long, windiness of Dickinson Road. "The road is always shorter when you know where you're going." I think that speaks volumes! I can turn this around and make it positive. I know my road back home will be a shorter one because I know when I'm going and I'm pretty sure I'm going to L.A. Now I still am having a bit of time deciding between SD or LA. It's a tough choice so I'm going to have to drill out some pro/con lists!

I promise pictures are coming!!!! And VIDEOS!!!!

Love, Light and Peace,