Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Biggest Lesson

As I sit here and listen to the mid-August cicadas sing to attract a mate, it is seldom far from my mind that this is what I like to do as well. I am watching the sun set here in the Midwestern state of Missouri and I'm thinking back to the many previous sunsets I hatve been privileged to see in other states recently. Most notably, in the very state of California. I am also watching the sun set over the beach on my "Gmail" page! It's so amazingly breathtaking to see the differences in God's paints in many parts of this grand nation. Though the beach is my absolute favorite place to be and I consider it home, I do believe I've shared some great experiences with family right here in the Southeast and even up Northeast int the past 3 months! I'm excited to announce that this year will be ended on a better note than the previous as I will most likely be able to enjoy it more.

I'm planning big things for 2011 but I do realize that I need to "swim" on past Summer and next Autumn before I even go to the new year! The leaves will be turning colors soon, and the falling to the cooler grounds below. Unfortunately that wont be happening for another 8 weeks from now or possibly even longer! And I pray the heat will subside very quickly. But until then I will be busy preparing to return to (online) school and starting driving myself places again. (sigh) I'm ready to venture out into the real world again and give up on meeting others steep expectations. Because, after all, this is all about me.

That said, I also want to point out that I'm getting more and more involved with the local community to support which puts willing participants in touch with coordinators who need help in all different areas. I'm excited about working with Children's Mercy hospital as well as St. Luke's to greet visitors and answer any questions they may have about their surroundings. I'm all set up in the job department which makes me feel better about saving some time to help others. That way, I will never get bored and I get to serve up smiles! And it's inexpensive. (If you do not count jacked up gas prices!)

Another way I am opening up is now I am interviewing (well, sort of) vocal coaches. Because if you know me, you know I enjoy performing very much. Singing is one aspect of putting on a good show and I'm so glad I've found the courage to return to my roots. I just need a bit of support and that's always a wonderful thing. The idea is to socialize with people other than co-workers and family all the time. It's a beautiful time when friends get together to have some good, clean fun. Mini golf and go-karts anyone? And perhaps while enjoying a bath at home (wait, when do I take baths?) maybe even grab a glass or two (or three) of relaxing Pinot Noir. No one else I know appreciates wine, but let me tell you, beer gets old and I do not prefer hard liquor so I'm glad to get a whole box to myself! Yes, I do believe in tippin' and sippin'!

Alcohol aside, life has finally in some ways calmed down, but still we all must deal with familial stresses as well as work-related issues. I hope anyone who's reading has taken the time to really observe and report. Really get down to the priorities in life! For me, it's playing and working all while trying to get back to that home spot in which I relish the alone time the most! The beach!

Keep working hard and pursuing your own goals. After all, it is ALL ABOUT YOU! (Hence, the title, My BIGGEST lesson!)

Love, Light and yes, more Peace.