Thursday, September 23, 2010

Workout Requests!

Several friends of mine have been commenting on my ever changing figure shape. I wanted to kind of fill you all in on how I keep trim. I do want to start off by thanking those of you who've spoken kind words of encouragement. You have egged me on in my efforts to stay motivated and for that I am thoroughly grateful. Everyone needs support so I thank you for that.

I have to say that I was raised eating all sorts of foods but mainly the American junk food was typical in our numerous households. We ate fried chips, plenty of Little Debbie/Hostess "snacks" and we drank a lot of soda. From a very young age I could remember that after school snacks always consisted of either water or soda, and a cake or pie of some sort. I do believe I was always a fairly scrawny child up until I was 11 years old and hormones took over.

As that age approached, 'T.O.M.' started making frequent visits and my curves became more pronounced. As it turns out, Mother Nature made early stops to many of the females in my immediate family. I attribute certain behaviors that I detest to this quick maturation, but that's a whole other blog. I believe at this point I still hadn't been instilled within the proper eating habits of a healthy person.

As the age of 11, and so on, came about the Lord brought upon my life several struggles. A few family members had passed away, most notably my father figure when I was 13. I also found out a major role switch-a-roo had been pulled over on me practically since my birth and it was a very confusing time. Up until now I still deal with the ever growing frustration that situation causes me but it just gives me a reason to look at the positives in my life and learn how to decipher my blessings better.

I can honestly say that at this age a mild depression cycle swooped in and overtook me. I must say that I did fairly well in remaining active throughout junior high and my first year of high school included physical training with the NJROTC. I was a fairly scheduled eater until I started visiting with girlfriends and becoming more involved socially. That's when the late night soda pop and junk food binges began!

We ate a lot of Mexican food late at night and boy was it delicious. As a matter of fact I still have a problem with eating late. My hours vary week to week with changing work schedules so I always try to incorporate 3 days of intense exercise and then on active rest days I usually walk around the blocks or work in the yard. I'm still active but I am not stressing on particular muscles groups or intensive cardio as I do on other days.

I continue to eat whatever I wish, but my diet typically stays healthy and balanced. I have a large sweet tooth but I choose to eat those types of things earlier when I know I'll have time to burn it off, or I simply eat a small portion. I look at my diet as a bank account of calories. If I move more, I can eat a little more. If I move less, I eat way less and I drink more water.

I have recently switched to the notion that if I must drink something other than whole milk or water, I will resort to drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, tea or lower calorie milks. I normally decline other diet sodas because of taste choices. I always have to have my java, but I make it with half the normal caffeine, a little milk and a teaspoon of raw sugar. I have had to start buying a different assortment of groceries to provide for my specific tastes but I'm very okay with it.

I have to also point out that I rarely eat meat, usually noshing on lean turkey meats and sometimes fish. I never eat beef simply because I don't crave it and I just don't love it. I don't eat a lot of meats but I prefer pepperoni, which I do not eat a lot of. I love turkey dogs with cheddar and turkey bacon. I have recently also been trying to eat less bread and if I do eat bread I use whole grains.

I am prone to setbacks just like anyone. I have been at my heaviest, 161 pounds. And on my 5'3" frame it is a shock. It was completely unhealthy and obese. I cried the day I was in my last physical in 2004 when I had reached 145. I steadily rose higher and higher until one day in 2008 I decided to eat a lot less and work out more than usual. For a period of 3 and a half years I did very little to exercise and thought nothing of it since most of my family is obese.

When I start of on an intense day I usually have eggs with cheese for breakfast, plenty of coffee and then a piece of toast. I start with 15 minutes of jogging in place or outside if the whether is nice. (If I can get to the gym, I will run for about an hour on the treadmill or such other similar machines.) I then follow up with 200 crunches of different variations. I do 25 reps of each style then alternate I use some 'pilates moves.' I move into rock climber mode as well as some do other back strengthening moves.

I usually do squats and lunges for my legs and I'm getting better at using those techniques. After this I am pretty worn out by all of the repetitions, but I continue on to do 10-15 more minutes of cardio. And after that 35 minutes of intense stress, I am free to go about my day or evening. I must also stress to you that I do stretch my muscles before and after I work the muscles. This prevents muscle spasms and aches.

This is basically what I do to continue keeping my weight under 130 pounds. I figure I have plenty of toning to do and that just means I must crackdown on working out more than 3 days a week. I also have to be very strict with my portions of food and beverage as well. That said, I have to watch out for all those (light) beers!

I hope some will be inspired and if not... Here ya go.

Jillian Michaels

Vin Diesel

Love, light and peace.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Small Effort

"What is not started today is never finished tomorrow."
~Johann Wolfgang

In an effort to make my blog seem less contrite and rueful, I decided to post the previous entry as a way to gain readers of a different breed. I write my journal not because I want pity but simply because I want to feel that my feelings, words and opinions are heard. I do not really even care that anyone follows or understands necessarily. I just want to be heard.

So I am starting anew. I have a fresh sense of purpose an identity sparked by none other than a romantic film entitled "PS, I Love You." Please, indulge me for just a moment more because this has little to do with Gerry Butler, I promise. There is actually a book, a novel by Cecelia Ahern of the same title, which is much better than the film.

In one of the final letters "Gerry" tells his wife "Holly" to not forget the girl he first met. More important than reminding her to buy a bedside lamp or to let her hair down at karaoke, he reminds her to find herself through life, and love once again. As Ahern states in the book "love; it came in all different shapes, sizes, and temperaments." He wasn't pushing her to forget him but he did want her to move on to other amazing experiences by further saying "Remember our wonderful memories, but please don't be afraid to make some more."

I think sometimes in life we are all reminded in subliminal messages to continue moving. In 2003, Finding Nemo taught us that when life gets glum, we "just keep swimming." Albert Einstein uses an analogy to suggest that "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you just have to keep moving." It is all around us if we choose to grab on to these ideas and let our old beliefs or behaviors fall away neatly.

If we imagine ourselves doing anything, it requires some imagination but at the end of the day, it proves to us that anything is possible. All we have to do is believe. Of course, it takes a little effort.

Monday, September 20, 2010

What's Up Gerard Butler?

I decided that posting about my private and personal (but not so private) life is just about boring. So, what, on God's green Earth do you think I'm going to post about now? Gerard Butler picture Mondays! I doubt that I will stick to this mainly because while there is a plethora of Gerard photos floating around on the internet, I just don't want to have to keep track of Mondays!

I deserve a better blog for my one follower. (That's me.) Somehow I follow myself! So anyways, I am sure there are fellow Google members who have Google send them alerts straight to that inbox whenever a mention of his name is written anywhere on the internet. Now, I want some more damn followers, so I am going to shamelessly promote this man until my blog is full.

Every Monday that is.

I might even do an Angelina Jolie picture Tuesday blog as well. I'm just simply in love with that beauty. Well, with her face at least. So here you have it fellow Gerry fans. (Hi GALS!)