Monday, September 20, 2010

What's Up Gerard Butler?

I decided that posting about my private and personal (but not so private) life is just about boring. So, what, on God's green Earth do you think I'm going to post about now? Gerard Butler picture Mondays! I doubt that I will stick to this mainly because while there is a plethora of Gerard photos floating around on the internet, I just don't want to have to keep track of Mondays!

I deserve a better blog for my one follower. (That's me.) Somehow I follow myself! So anyways, I am sure there are fellow Google members who have Google send them alerts straight to that inbox whenever a mention of his name is written anywhere on the internet. Now, I want some more damn followers, so I am going to shamelessly promote this man until my blog is full.

Every Monday that is.

I might even do an Angelina Jolie picture Tuesday blog as well. I'm just simply in love with that beauty. Well, with her face at least. So here you have it fellow Gerry fans. (Hi GALS!)


  1. Here's the deal. Look at my old posts, from the very beginning of my blog. 0 comments. Here's what you do. Comment on others blogs, leave your url, post regularly. My blog has only started getting more comments and followers because I am able and make time to post more regularly on my blog! :)

    I hope this helps

    (look what I did!)

  2. Aha moment! Ha ha. Thanks new friend! I appreciate the advice, because it's obvious I could use it. I'll definitely check out your blog you clever girl!

    Love, Light & Peace.