Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jol's Take On B.O.'s Birth

This is the feature in which I commented on.

Thank you to David Tarr, my former principal and business manager for a Robotics class in 2007-2008. He suggested the aforementioned link to me after I mentioned that a fellow American called me "Unamerican" for supporting Barack Obama as our leader. He also shared some other condescending remarks and we did a little dance but I finally gave up and said "Peace."

Here is my response... Note this is addressed to Mr. Tarr, but it is meant in good spirits. He knows that. He's heard my voice plenty of times and has seen the best of me and the worst of me when speaking or voicing an opinion.

"I have researched this subject matter for the last two hours and I can finally write something in response. Forgive me for length, but you should surely know by now that I am a passionate person. And aren’t we all when it comes to politics? I must say, you should have seen this one coming. And since you have asked for my opinion on the article you posted and commented on the one I posted, I will now give it and I pray it is brief. I also want to say I posted the web page for the sources cited at the bottom of the page not the phony photo. I will give a better reference to this much debated document in a few sentences.

On this wonderful, beautiful Saturday, September 11th, 2010 that is officially known as “Patriot Day” I will try to describe my opinion on the article posted by World News Daily. I first learned how to form a proper opinion in my U.S. History Class with Mike French as my teacher. He assigned me to a group that advocated the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, an idea proposed by our President at the Time, Mr. Harry S. Truman. (I have proudly lived in Independence, Missouri for some of my time on Earth and reside in this gorgeous and nasty city now.) The point of this is to demonstrate that I personally was against the bombing at first, but at the end of the debate, I had a greater respect for the other side of the issue.

That being acknowledged I would now like to address my opinion regarding current President Barack Obama’s birth.

My first favorite is article is;,8599,1729524,00.html

I name this one since it does not ask me to register to view the entire, completed article. Neither site contains disparaging photos of respected reporters such as Katie Couric. I also did not see a name of a journalist or contributing writer to the site or this particular article. I also did not previously know of this site since I stick to sites which as I stated before; do not ask for my email address to procure a document.

In regards to Barack’s legal fees and tribulations in court, I see one argument that I could possibly side with. And that is “Why would he pay his lawyers incredible amounts to seal off his personal documents if he had nothing to hide?” It was not stated in a respectful way in the WND write-up, but I sensed more of an accusatory tone. Since I’ve seen ‘Yahoo answers’ contributors give better anecdotes and evidence of these briefly mentioned cases, which were thrown out by the judges’ decisions and not because we have proof that Barack somehow bribed them, I will not appreciate the lack of respect for his wishes for privacy by the anonymous author. I also want to share with you this article in which it provides links to sources containing proof accounting for his birth documentation. I have read many, many items on this issue and this has to be my 2nd favorite.

I have stated what I wish to be shared and I deem this appropriately worded."

Please feel free to comment.

Love, Light and Peace.

Jolee <3

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