Friday, November 12, 2010

Being At Arrowhead...

What is having a job at Arrowhead Stadium like exactly? I'll do my best to tell you with the next series of photos I've captured while on the clock.

Early morning glance of the field level.

Good morning Arrowhead!

This is the first stop on my tour of duty. On game days I'm in that large, poorly heated tent for about 3 hours.
(Pictures coming from inside soon!)

That's me. Sipping on coffee and not trying hard to be cheerful, even at 7 am!

This leads you from the Tower Gate entrance to the VIP elevators and Broadcast Lounge as well as one of Levy's kitchens.

Levy's makes a fantastic spread and occasionally they'll share with us security people.

This is from the Broadcast Lounge's perspective.

 If you go up the elevator to the 4th floor you'll find our Club Level. And trust me if you don't have club level tickets, we'll find out.There are also escalators to get back and forth from both levels.

If you follow the right directions and you were told to be here for a special dinner, such as UMKC held a few weeks ago, you're going to get a treat!

Chances are you'll see the exclusive Hunt family suite. Or the entrance to it rather.

It looks like this over at the Founder's Plaza on the opposite side of the stadium. By the way, those flowers are for the Concierge desks. They change weekly.

They have some lovely smelling eucalyptus lotion in these middle level restrooms.

Really, it's too much I know. I believe a white button down and black from the waist down is perfectly acceptable. That tie has got to go, therefore, so does the poorly cut blazer!

This is what a typical suite box looks like on the 4th floor. This is the same level as the Hunts' suite.

They're ready 5 days beforehand for the Pitt St vs Northwest this Saturday at 2 p.m. They're making me come in at 5 a.m. It's so cruel but still, so much fun!

So there's a little bit of what to expect in a day's work at Arrowhead as security. It's great for networking and connections. And the pay's not bad either. I'd look into it if I lived near or in Kansas City.

Love, Light & Peace,
Jolee Summerville

30DC - All's Well That Ends Well

I am finally at the end of my blogging challenge which I'm not exactly sure what the goal was. Was it to not procrastinate or to not cheat? Not exactly sure about it, but perhaps it's all about what your personal goals are. I'm told this is exactly what this last post is about.

I'm supposed to share 20 goals and a photo of myself. I'm not exactly sure how to word all of my goals since the seem pretty menial. I guess that's why they named it a challenge?! Here is a recent photo of me, and I'm going to share with you my goals.

1.) Schedule more work
2.) Make more connections
3.) Think more positively
4.) Do even more for others
5.) Create a specific and workable budget plan
6.) Get involved with more volunteer groups
7.) Attain more college credits
8.) Learn a new skill
9.) Learn a new language
10.) Retain living space
11.) Take care of a living thing
12.) Communicate what's necessary when necessary
13.) Be more steady with writing in journals
14.) Finish Blogs on time :)
15.) Sing more
16.) View more plays
17.) Think about further into the future, more often
18.) Finish a Blog?!
19.) Continue smiling
20.) Count blessings multiple times a day

There you FINALLY have it. Almost 2 weeks after the day the Challenge ended... I post the darn thing. Well thanks for sticking around to read them! I appreciate the feedback and all of your wonderful stories.

Love, Light & Peace,
Jolee Summerviller