Friday, March 20, 2009

Nini and all the rest...

This is the other part of my family that is not blood related to myself or any other 'old family' members, and they are merely my extended family. Jaime started babysitting me when I was just months old. Her whole family jumped in and helped our family out in that time of need. Jaime technically raised me. As I grew older and into my pre-teens Jaime was married to her fiance Chris and now they've been together for 12 years and have 3 children of their own; Brian, Rachel and Kelsey. I was practically living here in Sugar Creek with them up until I moved to San Diego in May of 2002.

'Nini' aka: Beverly is Jaime's grandma whom we all started calling Nini when Brian and I were younger. She's married to James Kenneth Pauley and we call him 'Papa Kenny.' Ever since I can remember we've been going to the Lake of the Ozarks in mid-Missouri. Chris would always take me out on the Yamaha wave runner, and Papa Kenny drove the big 'house boat' which was sold last year to Jaime and Chris. Jaime on the other hand, I would only let in an inter tube with me ever since she tried drowning us in the middle of the lake by hitting a rogue wave!

Nini always makes me popcorn, butter and jelly sandwiches, buttered toast and all kinds of candy from those bins in which you can mix and match a different variety of candies. I'll always be able to remember the bright pink and red lipsticks she wears and all of the Avon and Mary Kay products strewn all over their main bathroom in their Englewood home. I wish I had a picture, but unfortunately none could be located at this time, so I guess I'll have to update soon!

So there are a few more people in my life than just the negative ones! I'm hoping to give you all a full, unbiased view of my life so that you may understand that I have the same thoughts you do!

You know how people say "Just live your life and be happy." And then you get so stressed about life and you get anxious and you can never be fully happy? I'm learning everyday how to just breathe through it all because I'll get through. I need to be happy while i can because inevitably something will come along to spoil it for the time being. So that's my advice for the day, live, be happy, be sad, feel whatever emotions come to you and just live.

Love, Light and Peace,

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