Monday, March 23, 2009

Time to Appreciate Nature!

Sometimes in life all you need to is stop, breathe and remind yourself to have fun for once. So wew went to the Kansas City Zoo for a day of fun and leisure. We ate some pretty expensive (for no reason at all!) food after a long walk through Africa! And then in Kenya, for some reason, after some intriguing bird dialogue and intense observation, we came about those darn lil primates we call monkeys. One monkey decided to give us a nice disgusting wee wee show. But it's actually quite hilarious because he has no idea it's there! And some kid is making a VERY hilarious comment. Hence the name of the video on my Youtube Channel "Very Suspicious Monkey."

(And IGNORE Brian Tanis, I love him but he's crazy!)

Enjoy! New Blog with me singing and talking about the accident and all that jazz.

Love, Light and Peace! (And human nature!!!!)
Jolee <3

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