Friday, November 19, 2010

Pray & Pray More

It's bee just a little while since I've posted anything of substance here and I thought I'd break the spell! I have a night off so to speak, I still need to do 2 more loads of laundry. Scratch that, it's 3 loads and it's 11 pm! I might just have to put it off until early morning. I did run several errands today with my lovely wee grandmommy. She went out in the wild today and just barely made it home.

I have gained much from learning to navigate negative environments and it will aide me whilst serving others. I am taking on more and more responsibilities as I progress and one of those includes not only paying bills on time and in a quality fashion, but taking out time to reach out to those in my community who are struggling. I have been studying different volunteer organizations and I've networked with a few people while on the clock as a patrol agent with CSC at Arrowhead Stadium. I can proudly say that Thanksgiving morning will be spent with Tyler, my 4 year-old nephew, and I serving elderly at a local shelter for these aging lovelies.

I believe his adorable dimples will be sweet enough, but he's already taken up the job of handing out beverages such as milk, juice and tea. I'm certain this gorgeous boy will grow up with some sense of what it means to help out. I want my nephews and someday, my own babies to learn from my responsible and productive example. I pray that my marvelous creator will provide me with even more opportunities in the future to prove my assertiveness serves a greater purpose.

Speaking of prayer, I've been doing a lot of that lately. Just whenever I think about it I think in a loving tone. "Lord, thank you for keeping me safe on my way to and from my destinations daily," "I pray you spread your love and tenderness around those I love and those you think of as deserving." I also pray for guidance, as explained in "Dear creator, I'm seriously suffering an emotional block right now. Please guide me with your love and patience, and provide me the correct actions and/or words to deal with this rough reality." That's probably been the biggest and most significant as of late.

There are many out there who experience immense difficulty just surviving every day. These people walk miles and miles while starving, literally and they don't complain. I pray for their country's speedy recovery. I pray they find peace on Earth!

I pray for you, dear reader and for your happiness to remain within your heart and soul. I pray we fulfill our purposes together and with a united stance. I want for us to bind our differences and show the world the compassion we share for one another. Let's get out there and really DO something. I want to be an example to all those willing to watch. I want to be a model of health, happiness, perseverance and diligence.

I look forward to your feedback and I'm interested in all you have to share. Thanks for reading! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Love, Light & Peace,
Jolee Summerville

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