Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Has Arrived

On this day, a gorgeously dreary Monday, it has been snowing here in Kansas City and in many other places in the U.S. A lot of Northeast of the States got rain and sleet while many just up North got snow and ice. It is now 2 p.m. and the sun is slowing making its descent into the milky Grey sky. People all over this area are either working, running errands or kids are anxiously waiting another hour before school's out. I however, am snuggled in bed with a slight headache.

I do have to admit that watching it snow was very pretty from our view at the Founder's Plaza at Arrowhead Stadium. We were a little frigid but had a blast. I have to tell you from Thanksgiving Day on, we've been busy around our house preparing for this cold, frosty weather. I've prepared two soups for days like this and they were Eggplant Parmesan, which we have eaten twice in 3 weeks and then Turkey Veggie soup. I believe it's just about time to put it on the stove for Soup Day. This also happens to be my house cleaning day.

So after the last loads of laundry are finished, I'll be in the kitchen for a little while warming up. And then I'll be able to get started on my winter craft idea, a brag book! I'm planning on using my scrap booking materials and photos to create some nice little gifts and just to keep me occupied. There's nothing more peaceful to me on this Earth than creating!

Have a blessed day!
Love, Light & Peace,

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