Thursday, April 23, 2009

E Marks The Spot

Education is important to you right now and you can learn a ton, no matter how formal or informal your coursework may be. You might be boning up on French history or making a killer piecrust, but it pleases you deeply. ~

Obviously today is an important day for me since tonight I turn in my final term paper, for Sociology (I chose the topic of aging) and we'll prepare for our final exam next week!!! I cannot believe that finals are already here! I know I'll do well because I've worked hard on this. Even though I am not truly loving it, I still love to feel smart. I like making connections in my brain without even knowing it. I am basking in the warm glow of the sun today as well as studying for our "Murderball" discussion/test tonight. I was about to get a little taste of Charmed but TNT is acting severely strange so I decided to pop open my horoscope. It's been an amazing day of quiet, but I am still struggling to give up my love. Herb has been retracted from my life because well, I think I needed to face some things and do without for financial purposes, so a true cleansing is occurring as I type! I'm going to return home clear-minded and ready to toke it up and live life! Tomorrow is truly an off day for me because I have no work, no school, nothing to do except invite some friends over for scrapbooking and music fest fun! We'll all be singing along to Tim's guitar and Cam's vocals! I've got a few boxes full of memorbilia to stuff into one book for my trip home. I'm condensing everything down, which is both good and sad. But no worries. Tomorrow's also payday! Time to start savin for that ticket!

Love, Light and Peace,

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