Monday, October 25, 2010

30DC - Day 23 - Cravings

Cravings is not only an amazing eatery in Los Angeles that I love, love, love to eat at but it is within our human nature to exhibit this thinking pattern. I know a craving is basically a desire. More specifically it is a great yearning for something. And what is it exactly do I yearn for?

I not only get hankerings for food such as cheeseburgers or grilled chicken paninis, I also have desires of the emotional kind as well. My physical cravings often have to do with satiation of the stomach and sometimes I long for someone to press against to when I need intimacy with another. But mentally I often find myself longing for stability. I think we all, at young ages, wish that the waters of life aren't so choppy and things can perhaps be foreseen in some ways.

I do like that life is unpredictable so in that sense I will never get bored. But when those waters become so rough and the sky darkens, I wish the sun would come out and dry up all the rain! I do realize that without sadness and pain there would be no room for compassion. There would be no real appreciation for the blessings we've all been endowed with.

There are plenty of times I look around and I think to myself "How did I get here? How can I get out of this?" And most of those times now I am able to calm myself and change that way of thinking into positivity. I can think, "It doesn't matter how rough things seem, because there is always someplace worse than here. There are people out there dying a harsh death all for the greater good." No matter how lonely or shaky my boat seems to be, I can always talk myself into seeing that I will be just fine.

There will come a day when peace of mind isn't such a conversation to be had but it will come naturally. I hope that for you, peace isn't far. I also hope that your cravings are of a different kind and are attainable. If you ever need someone to listen and not judge you've found a friend in me!

My email is JAtkinsSummerville @ Gmail

Never hesitate to email me if you seriously need a new perspective. I'm always right here. Well, almost always.  I hope these words find you deciding what your craving and how it suits your life. As always, blessed be my friends.

Love, Light & Peace,
Jolee Summerville

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