Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30DC - Day 25 - In My Bag

If you look inside any young woman's purse you'll find a multitude of items! You might see some makeup, some hygiene products and perhaps a small bottle of pain reliever. Of course many girls do not think twice about what they stuff in their bags these days and they do not think about the people in this world who's filters may be blocked. This of course means that some put there will go into the purse looking for valuables such as jewelry, money and change.
I don't think young girls also think about protecting themselves especially when traveling alone or just with a group of friends even. I like to carry pepper spray and a pocket knife with me that also includes some special "survivor" tools. Some girls are sexually active and do not carry proper shields such as condoms or birth control thus leading them into an unplanned pregnancy.

I'm proud to say I'm not at that stage in my relationship with a certain someone as of late. We've both decided it best to take things day by day. It especially works well since we rarely see each other, some times as little as once a week. I don't go out much simply because I have too many responsibilities to think about and I just do not want to be sidetracked by whatever life decides to throw at me. I can't be around dangerous situations although the part of the city I live in is slightly unsavory.

I do my best to stick to work, home and very nearby spots. My guy lives just 5 miles or so from my house so it's really easy for us to meet. We both live in close proximity to our jobs at Arrowhead Stadium so that's also nice as a gas saver and a safety precaution. Unfortunately though, we do have to work late some nights so I worry sometimes when entering my vehicle as I leave. I always lock the doors but I have to manually unlock my door to get in which takes more time obviously than pushing a button.

I'm getting a lot better at paying very, very close attention to my surroundings as I am near or in my vehicle. I do not drink and drive nor do I drive heavily medicated. If I do drink more than a drink though I have friends who will either follow me home, take me home or allow me to crash at their place. I'm very lucky to have been allowed the blessing of safety and I pray that all of you are as well.

So I kind of rambled on about safety but it does all count what's in your bag! Make sure you are aware at all times girls! You're too special to lose! As always, blessed be.

Love, Light & Peace,
Jolee Summerville

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