Thursday, October 7, 2010

30DC - Day 4 - Soundtrack to A Vacant Life

This list very much reminds me of Stoick in 'How To Train Your Dragon' when he says 'It's time for the Challenge.' It's deep and engaging. (Yes, it's Gerard Butler!) Nonetheless, my whole point of this post is to keep up the personal task of informing you all about different points of life. I also believe it's a good analysis for me to encounter upon as well.

Day 4 requires me to come up with a 15 track soundtrack to my life thus far. I have to say I am only 22 years young, so bear with me as most will be mainstream. But some are considered oldies. I thought long & hard about this list & I came up with more than 15 songs, because of each and every year of my life represents a different me.

I tweaked the number and made it 22 songs. I chose one for each year basically. Now I'm not going to list the years and correlate the time line with the list. I just want you all to see the songs I've chosen. I did think for a minute that Britney Spears album 'Circus,' released in late 2008, could cover most of my list but I decided against it since not every song necessarily melds with my existence just yet.

1) Take Me As I Am - Faith Hill
2) Anymore - Emmy Rossum
3) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2
4) Straight Tequila Night - John Anderson (my dad's and I favorite country hit)
5) I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton (1st song I ever sang)
6) Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn
7) Let Me Be Your Wings - Thumbelina Soundtrack
8) Return Of The Mack - Mark Morrison
9) I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
10) Siberia - BSB
11) Go Rest High On That Mountain - Vince Gill
12) Can You Feel The Love Tonight? - Elton John
13) I'll Stop Loving You - N*SYNC
14) Out From Under - Britney Spears
15) In Christ Alone - Brian Littrell
16) I Got You - Nick Carter
17) No One Else On Earth - Wynonna Judd
18) Circus - Britney Spears
19) No One Would Listen - Gerard Butler as 'Phantom'
20) People Are Strange - The Doors
21) Love You Til' The End - The Pogues
22) Touch - Seal

These are not merely favorite songs of mine. Some of them evoke sadness, some love, & others bring out the fun & happy side of life. I love to sing along and be free in that essence. I hope you enjoyed & I look forward to seeing your life soundtracks soon!

Blessed be my friends.

Love, Light & Peace,
Jolee Summerville

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