Friday, October 8, 2010

Dreams Do Come True

I had fallen sleep just about 4 hours ago around 9 pm. It is indeed a Friday evening and I had no plans to go out. I laid down with the simple task to breath and rest assured that I was safe. I was able to actually sleep and not worry about the fallout.

The fallout meaning my grandmother yelling at me for sleeping so early thus making me stay up well into the wee hours of the morning. It happened anyways but not during my slumber, it was after. In my dream journey I encountered a new life, in which my existence was lived painfully the same yet vastly different.

I woke up in a room connected to our current house but the hallway had been extended and her room was farther away. I could still see it cracked open an per usual and smell the lingering smoke. She had her television blaring loudly as a teenager would have their yackety racket. I did not call out for her, I was just checking, perhaps to see if she was still alive.

I closed the door suddenly to be overwhelmed by my new room's clutter. There were piles of clothes everywhere, my laptop was on the floor and the place was just a wreck. The adjoining room with a sliding glass door was fully decorated with light oak kitchen-like cabinets and a stove. I do not exactly remember seeing a fridge but these days you can blend them in with the cabinetry.

Oak Cabinet Dream
It looked somewhat like this but extended in the middle with s small white stove.

I then walked in to check out the contents of the cabinet while I heard my bedroom door fly open. I whipped around as if I were pivoting like the do in the military to change direction in fine format. In came a barrage of 4 people dressed in "garb" which means they were dressed like they were from 600 years ago. They were holding multiple hangers of such garb in their arms and in followed my annoying family member loudly telling me to walk this way, blah-blah-blah-ing in my ear.

I instantly threw up my hands and said "Oh no no! Back please." The people looked confused and looked back and forth for an answer. But they did comply and their backs immediately found a wall. One man who had led the group in actually fell upon the mass of electronics and trash up against one wall. I sort of giggled and said "Sorry, I just moved in as you can see."

He said "No worries" and the woman, went on to say they had donated these things to me but never mentioned the reason. I always love free clothes, especially ones I could use to outfit a small community theater group with! I said "Oh, well, give me a second to think..." And I scratched my head and for a moment I looked around. I did not see hanging space, but I was grateful so I just started grabbing handfuls and throwing them on the bed.

"There, that will have to do until I can get organized. Thank you gentle, kind sirs."

My personal blind shutter decided the blinds needed shutting and she went to do that for me. I followed up with "Um, thanks, I didn't need that but now you can go." She scoffed at me and with that they had all left the room with smiles and I didn't hear the older woman any longer. I shut the large wooden door, and seriously the outside looked like a tree trunk I later learned.


I had the gall to lock it in case anyone else wanted to just intrude when they please. At this point something went bump in the night and I was awoken. Nonetheless I could shut me eyes again and I was still safe to do so. To my surprise I popped back into my dream which is indeed a rare occurrence unless you are trying.

I returned to my travels and found my room to be free from piles and electronics on floors. I did see the one large pile of chords mixed with what appeared to be painter's plastic the one man had nearly fell over. I plugged my equipment into it before the jump. In this portion of the dream I had moved the big black desk to another part of the room and my laptop was still sitting on a small ledge near this particular pile.

I moved the desk near the wall adjacent to the window in which the lady closed the blinds before. I had hooked up the nice computer which had once been my mother's on the said wooden piece and had even booted up the internet! I of course thought I could take a moment and surf. The internet was frozen and seemed to be an unwilling participant in my unwind time.

I moved on to look out the window on my wooden door to see the yard lights on. The yard did look magnificent and I looked around at the ornaments. My mother had regularly taken care of the mowing of the lawn in Kansas City when she lived with us for a brief moment in 2010. Her quote of "I rearrange it to keep it fresh" popped into my head for some unknown reason.

King Froggy
He's cute.

Mushroom Dreams

There were colorful frogs on perches and fancy glass mushrooms littered on the grounds. It looked like Fairy's Glen in Scotland but decorated by man's hand. It made it better because our yard was not FG and we needed a special touch. This lit up my face and I smiled in delight.

Lit Up The Night
This is an example of the lights hanging in my dream.

This is "FG." I think it's simply breathtaking.

By this time I'd heard a knock on door and some people were asking for my help. I went up these amazing grand stairs which led to the backside of the very large home in front of my "camper." I went up the stairs but found a short cut through this contraption made of like at least 10 dishwashers. There must have been some machine to contains all the dishes from each washer, dry them and put them away. Once I climbed out of the bottom of the mechanism I entered a large pantry where white plates and pastel colored cups lined the walls.

The cabinets were full of food and goodies and as vivid as day I saw Pringles and Betty Crocker cakes. But these people wanted to know where the booze was. Specifically they wanted the "unlabeled bottles of liquor." I looked into this fridge that looked like it belonged to a chef and it was filled with wine and tequila bottles. I had found the jackpot. I went outside withe the group around the side to the front side of the home.

I then heard and saw the lady on the balcony up above saying "What are you doing Donette?" (I know, such a strange thing to call me but she loves that name.) I quickly the the bottle of "Mullberry" wine I collected onto the ground into the bushes. I suddendly shushed the crowd around me who was about to tell me I'd dropped it. "SHHHHHH! I'll even show you my ID. She'll freak out. Please don't say anything." One man laughed and handed me the bottle. It was pitch black out.


I told her I was helping the people inside and I'd be leaving shortly. I retreated back to my room with the wine. I climed up on top of my place into the trees, and the sun was dawning over the mountains. I saw Mount Woodson coming through the branches and that was nearly that. My dream faded away as my body wanted to wake.

iron mountain Pictures, Images and Photos

In the end the dreams were not seemingly as cool as the other evening when I encountered myself as a phantom being greeted by the one and only Phantom of the Opera. Perhaps I'll recount those details in another blog soon, but for now I'm still in awe of my asserting behaviour in this dream. It showcases fears and desires that I'm proud to have instilled in my crazy brain. Someday I will break free of the fears and conquer them with this same attitude.

I'm sorry for the pictures being choppy referring to sizes, but I'll get better at it.

Love, Light & Peace,
Jolee Summerville

(PS: Time for day 5! Already?)

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