Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30DC - Day 1 - Lists & More Lists

Day 1 of the 30 day challenge (see previous post) requires me to summon a picture of myself and 15 facts about my life.

I shall do my best to inform you kind readers as to how I live.

1.) I love to sing.

2.) I sing randomly, and it's not unusual for me to sing what I "should be saying." (Sometimes, it's not even a song I sing, just the normal conversation turns into a musical number.)

3.) I love to shower every day.

4.) I'm not an avid workout fan.

5.) I love to eat sweet and salty things. (For instance, I love pairing barbeque chips with rolos for Movie Night with my nephews.)

6.) I have no pets, but I love animals!

7.) I love, love, love to travel.

8.) One of my favorite words is "love." Can ya tell?

9.) I study a new word each week and incorporate it into my daily interactions.

10.) YouTube is my main source of entertainment.

11.) Hence, I rarely watch television.

12.) Going to the movie theater is my favorite thing to do with friends.

13.) I adore rock climbing and hiking, or anything to do with nature really.

14.) I doubt I will ever be married.

15.) And last but not least, my two (soon to be three!) nephews are my pride and joys.

Here is a recent photo of me with my youngest nephew Tyler, who is 3 turning 4!

He never complains about how many photos I take of him. I'm preparing him for a reality show! (Just kidding, his mother would never agree to let them do it, I'm sure.)

Love, light and peace,
Jolee Summerville

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