Thursday, October 14, 2010

30DC - Day 10 - Past Relationship

This day will allow me to tell you about a past relationship. Oddly enough there are several stories but only one comes to mind worth telling. I will tell you about my old friend Terri. I met her one fall day in Ramona, a small town in the mountains of San Diego, California. She was this kinda crazy/mad personality with a lot of strength and perseverance.

I do not have any current photos of her so that is why you will not find one. She was a good friend and she basically did get me a job for a few months. She taught me how to organize and not get overwhelmed by all of the stuff. We had plenty a good time together. After maybe less than a year of knowing the woman she snapped and decided the drama was too much.

I have not heard from her in over 3 years and I deem that appropriate. There are many times I wish she had stuck around, but in all the world I think it's best we do not continue to converse. There was not much she could gain from me being her friend anyways since I didn't especially condone many of her husband's alleged behaviors.

I do remember one day I was feeling so achy from T.O.M visiting me and I don't remember what had to be done that day that was so urgent. But she woke me from a nap on this one day and the kids were not there so I took advantage of that. I wanted a little rest because I was in pain. She woke me up very loudly and said to me that I'd been lazy enough already that day, that I needed to get up and clean that house.

I was well aware of the arrangement I'd had with the renter of the home and our living agreements. For that, I was grateful. It was a fair trade and I learned many, many things from that time. I do look back and see that I could have worked harder, but that is just one of the lessons I learned.

At the end of that day Terri had finally left and I was emotionally upset and distraught. She had kept yelling at me like a tyrant. I indeed felt like Cinderella once more. I went into the downstairs restroom to clean it and I locked the door, trying to catch a break. At that point Julie's son, who was there at the moment, came in and asked me if I was all right and then hugged me. After that naturally, he had begun to hate me, which he tells me often. But I digress, it was a day I'll probably never forget.

I hope she reminisces on that day and thinks of how she would have treated me differently. I for one hold my anger in and take it out on people who I should love, but do not. I am rude to these people who insist on using me for assistance without asking for my opinion on it. There are only 2 who receive the brunt of my anger because I am always angry with those specific 2. No one else on Earth gets that treatment from me and they never will.

I pray that Terri finds peace of mind and perhaps one day we will meet again for tea and a good toke. I wish her all of the best in her business endeavors as I know she would do well, if she just maybe weren't so loud!

As always, and I'll continue to say it, I hope you all share your adventures soon! Blessed be my lovies.

Love, Light & Peace,
Jolee Summerville


  1. That is a super crazy story! I am sorry it happened to you! It seems to random.

  2. It was really odd, but that was just the environment I lived in. Very hectic and ever changing.