Friday, October 15, 2010

30DC - Day 11 - Dislike

On this day I am challenged to show you all a photo of something I dislike. I have to be very careful because I do not want to get any hate mail! We all have our opinions and are free in my country to express them, rightfully so. There are many things I dislike but to pinpoint one really is a tough task.

Phantom crying Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm going to yell what I tell Jackson when he fake cries or basically whines, "You faker!"

There is nothing more than sad than loneliness. I'm proud to use one of the greatest examples of loneliness and obsession from The Phantom as in of the opera. I have seen several portrayals by different actors and I'm going to say it. Gerard Butler is my favorite performer who got the sadness down. Most notably in the All I Ask Of You (Reprise) scene in which he cries over losing Christine to Raoul. He knew she kissed him to save Raoul. Thus he let her go.

Phantom crying Pictures, Images and Photos

He doesn't cry too well in my opinion until the end of the film, but the scene was still moving to me. Especially when he sings "You will curse the day you did not do all that the Phantom asked of YOU!" Then he takes a few months of to write "Don Juan Triumphant" which should have been explored more in the film I believe. After this is when we see him start to lose his marbles. He believes that killing and kidnapping are the only solutions to his pain.

A true psychopath obviously. I feel though that as a budding psych buff I give out more empathy than I should because of his past. This is remarkably told in Gaston Leroux's story "Le Fantome De I'Opera." As well as in Susan Kay's novel "Phantom." Of course every time I reread these texts I see Gerard playing the character!

But that's what I dislike is loneliness. I do identify with this character mainly because I've lived a semi-sheltered life and as a result I've been projected as this naive, vulnerable person. I strive every day to better and educate myself as much as possible. And I believe if you're paying attention you learn at least one new thing every day!

I found this and I cannot find an accompanying interview in which Gerard says the quote, but I do remember him stating on the DVD he cried while reading the script. In his final scene in the movie, he cried as he sings a bit of "Masquerade" with his cute musical monkey. It is believed Erik made toys and made this music box modeling after his time spent in Persia.

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So I hope you enjoyed what I dislike the most. I also you Gerard Butler phans will appreciate the effort I put into this blog, since the last 2 I mentioned him were in vain. He's just so marvelous isn't he?

Love, Light & Peace,
Jolee Summerville

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