Monday, October 11, 2010

30DC - Day 8 - Goals

It is Tuesday, October 12th by the time you're reading this I assume. This means that October is nearly half over already and I've not yet bought one Christmas item. I don't actually even know who to buy for other than my two sisters, Jack, my grams, my nephews, Jackson and perhaps Jaime's family. Hell I can't even spend Halloween with anyone as of right now, because I'll most likely be working.

I'll be dressed up in my best medieval maiden of course, hopefully to pass out candy to some adorable trick or treaters. This means I need to put on a good show, with very little decoration. Ah, if only I had more... oh never mind that. This blog is about goals!

The 8th day in the 30 day challenge allows me to share with you all what goals I have for the rest of this month. This simply means they are short term items, and thank goodness for that. Sometimes I can hardly see past the next hour let alone the next few weeks! Here are just a few of them I can already see popping out of my thought process.

1.) Continue with my healthy journey
2.) Saving more money than I knew possible
3.) Securing a budget plan
4.) Spending more time with people I actually like to be around
5.) Spending less time worrying over things I simply cannot control

Those are just a few mind you, and they change daily. Sometimes I lose sight of my progress because life throws you some loops that you're not terribly prepared for. I'm sure positive though that with the right mind set and the correct dialogue I will make it through the end of October just fine.

And hows about you lovelies? Anyone else have anything exciting or promising on the horizon? Any gorgeous fall weddings to attend? Any babies being born? Any pre-holiday planning going on? Do tell! I look forward to your letters.

As always, be safe, and share the abundance.

Love, Light & Peace,
Jolee Summerville

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