Saturday, October 16, 2010

30DC - Day 13 - PS...

How appropriate that this day should ask of me to write a letter to someone about something I couldn't tell them. It's implied that I wouldn't be able to do this face to face. This is kind of a tough task because I simply do not have many people I would hide things from. I would say the hardest part is finding a person I want to tell this thing to.

At this point, I'll make it the young man in my life whom I'm currently seeing. I won't name names for privacy's sake and I doubt he will read this so I'm going to be open and honest. If he does however read it, then let me just say I have no regrets.

Dear Man,
I know you've been working hard and taking care of those around you with ease and maybe some frustration. I do miss you something awful but I know that when the time is right we shall return to one another again and embrace fully. I've never met anyone quite like you, and that you need be rest assured is a good thing. One person in my life as of this moment would say I have a bad judge of character, and I fully disagree. Every friend, family member and lover from the past has come and some have gone for good purpose. You after even a short time with me, have not yet run away. I try not to scare you off but maybe prepare you for the storm that is sure to come. I've tried so hard not to get ahead of myself but I must be honest and tell you that I'm very much indeed feeling closer to you every time we meet. I don't let anyone drive my vehicle, but you do it so well. I never let anyone smoke in my vehicle either, and you respect that. As a matter of fact, I think you've only smoked around me once. I applaud you for your determination. I've not felt actually safe in another man's presence since my father died, and you are the first to break that curse. I sense within you a gentleness and a nonchalant coolness. You seem to understand even if you don't really grasp it yet. And believe me, you need to keep that mystery. I don't know if anyone can handle the drama that surrounds my environment at this point in time. But I have faith in you. And only time will tell if we are meant to spend a great deal of our time together, but if so, I'm glad it is you.

Love, light and peace,

PS: Sunday Ticket!

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