Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30DC - Day 9 - Pride

I can honestly say I have not too many things to be proud of, or rather not too many people. I am blessed with an abundance of 'things' compared to a certain group of millions of refugees. For instance, at the moment I am craving Oreos, but since we are lacking in the cookie department, I opted for early Halloween Milk Duds and salt & vinegar Lays. That may sound like a pregnant woman's idea of a good time, but it's just me being a typical girl being visited by T.O.M.

I am proud of myself for not getting pregnant first of all. Among several others things as well, but that's my main goal. I would like to be financially settled when I start a family. If it happens, or when it happens I'll say, it will be a wonderful miracle. I have not been blessed enough to visit a proper lady's doctor (aka: OB-GYN) as of yet.

I am certainly not proud of my family I'm sad to report. Only a handful of them have taken a step up and realized that responsibility is a good value to incorporate into our daily lives. I'm actually more proud of people I do not necessarily know, or people I've not known for so long.

Like my Mama J, who lives where I used to reside in Sand Diego. She's an amazing performer with talents that extend past acting and singing. The woman can make an enormous amount of giant bubbles, is an expert in hula hooping and not to mention, she is an outstanding care taker of everyone she loves. I'm honored to have lived by her side. I pray one day very soon we embrace again.

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She is the first person I am immensely proud of and unfortunately is not blood related to me. Well, unfortunate for me, but very lucky for her and her families. The second person I am very happy with is George Clooney. Yes, you read that right. Ever since I was very young, my father figure, Ernest and I would watch E.R., Dr. Quinn and Cops together. Of course, George has only to do with E.R. oh and Roseanne which we also watched after the news at 9 o' clock.

I must point out that while I am a fan of his acting work, I am ever appreciate of his very demonstrative and hardworking efforts he has shown humanity. He has one of the deepest hearts I've known in an actor. And I only know it from afar, for now. I pray one day that he and I will work side by side, most hopefully while bringing awareness and justice to war ravaged and poverty stricken areas of the world.

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There are plenty of people that I admire, but pride comes only so often with me. I literally beam and smile when I mention either of these two lovely civilians. I have learned so much from them and I hope to learn even more with their smart guidance. I've never been so happy or proud to know such wonderful people with loving hearts and brilliant ideas.

I hope some of you will start challenging yourself to see what's really amazing in your life. Every day I am bewildered by what I am showing and reminding myself about. It truly is a blessing to sit here, type and shove into my mouth candy and chips, which I don't do so often. If it weren't 11 pm and I didn't have to get up before the ass crack of dawn, I'd write more, and be drinking a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, or at karaoke night with Erik (!) but alas, the bed is calling me to find a normal sleep routine.

Good night, good luck, and be blessed friends.

Love, Light & Peace,
Jolee Summerville

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